In early 2013 the European Union announced that it was going to fund the creation of a ‘Troll Patrol’ to combat ‘Euro-Scepticism’ online. More can be read about that in this article:


The EUFundedProEUTroll was initiated as an abstraction on the Guido Fawkes blog site ( http://order-order.com ) around the same time.

It demonstrates a straightforward ‘political’ reaction to an initiative, an unintended consequence, that occurs when well intentioned policy which runs counter to ones own political beliefs are put forward. In this case those beliefs are libertarian.

The function of the EUFundedProEUTroll is two fold:

To demonstrate the political reaction to the policy put forward by the EU in a way consistent with the EUFundedProEUTroll’s political position: A ‘Troll’ in reaction to a Troll Patrol which is in fact not a Troll and is genuinely Pro-EU (not sceptic), observing libertarian values.

To broadcast a simple but counter-intuitive message:

Vote UKIP.

The EUFundedProEUTroll evolved from a text based abstract on a blog site, to an internet presence of sorts in reaction to a change implemented at the Guido Fawkes site: The introduction of Gravatars.

As this can be right perceived to be in part an encouragement to sacrifice anonymity which previously existed on that site, the EUFundedProEUTroll’s reaction was to evolve itself:  Thus it gained a Gravatar, email account, you Tube channel, twitter etc., and an expansion of its interests to reflect the underlying libertarian reasoning for its creation and development.

The EUFundedProEUTroll’s mission now is to probe the limits of free expression within the confines of engaging only in reasoned and calm debate: The ‘do no harm principal’, remaining moral, and the abstraction’s preference for being polite and upholding solid European values during discourse define the boundaries.

One very suspended Twitter account so far, and odd goings on elsewhere suggest that the entity is finding the invisible barriers quite efficiently, not a good result.

@eufundedeutroll : RIP Resurrected

@eufundedeutrol2 : Alive

As disclaimer to avoid any mis-representation:

i) This is not a traditional or negative ‘Troll’, and does not engage in such activities.

ii) The abstraction is only indirectly funded by the European Union, as all in Europe are.

iii) The abstraction is very much pro-EU, but would prefer to see its evolution move in a more libertarian direction.

iv) Despite the message, this entity is in no way connected with the UK Independence Party directly, or indirectly.

Vote UKIP.



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