Twitter, the Russian Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a list related block

This abstract likes to keep up with the latest news around the world, and Twitter is a good tool for this. Twitter accounts affiliated with the diplomatic missions of foreign countries are a very good source of all kinds of information.

Usually, such accounts do not mind people listening in to what they have to broadcast: After all, what is the point of tweeting if you don’t want people to read your tweets?

There are some exceptions. One of them appears to be an account that claims to be affiliated with the Russian Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria: @RKIC_Sofia

Its profile seems quite plausible:

@RKIC_Sofia Twitter Profile - 20150225

(20150225) @RKIC_Sofia
‘I am affiliated with Russian Culture+Info Center in Sofia. Opinions on this blog my own! RT ≠ endorsement. РКИЦ-София’

This abstract maintains numerous Twitter lists for managing information sources, and in the current geopolitical climate has been constructing a public one for Russian Embassy Twitter accounts.

The reasoning for use of lists is four fold:

i) To organize information logically

ii) Use of Google Translate

iii) Bypass the problem with follower limiting – eg. the 2000 problem

iv) Avoid missing tweets on an otherwise totally unusable home timeline.

@RKIC_Sofia’s tweets are in a variety of languages and organization of non-English accounts into lists allows for easy use of the gist-based Google translator service for translation.

Google translate works well with Twitter, but the translation tool does interfere with the typing of tweets, so it is good practice to have a dedicated browser session for a translated timeline, and a secondary non-translated for actual interaction.

Twitter lists are a very useful in this scenario.

This abstract was somewhat taken aback when within one minute of adding the @RKIC_Sofia account to a list, with no other interaction, the following tweet was received:

@RKIC_Sofia Block Tweet  - 20150221

@RKIC_Sofia Block Tweet – 20150221

When @RKIC_Sofia’s profile was re-checked, this abstract found itself to have indeed been blocked:

RKIC_Sofia - Blocked

RKIC_Sofia – Blocked

Some further investigation has suggested that @RKIC_Sofia may be a so-called ‘Kremlin-Troll’ account, possibly FSB operated alongside the Russian embassy in Bulgaria. It does appear to be quite multi-lingual, and its time line is quite interesting.



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