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EU Federalization: The Pan-European Manifesto (Paneuropa)

Below is a translation of a document known as the Pan-European Manifesto, also known as Paneuropa. This is the founding document of the Pan-European movement. The original in German may be found here: NB: The translation is as close to literal as … Continue reading

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EU Federalization: The Briand Plan

Ariste Briand devised the so called Briand plan in 1929. The plan concerned the creation of a federal union of European States within the framework of the League of Nations. Who was Ariste Briand ? Ariste Briand was a French Statesman. He served … Continue reading

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Google Translate: Gist Based Translations and Political Risk

Today this abstract found an interesting claim that was doing the rounds on Twitter relating to an El Pais article published 8th April 2014 and a claim that it reported that UK Prime Minister David Cameron had stated that he would not … Continue reading

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Twitter: Information Warfare, Propaganda and the ‘Troll’

This abstract came across an interesting blog post today, which is recommended reading for anyone using the Twitter platform: The author provides some examples of accounts and strategies which are claimed to source from Russian Intelligence. The cases and arguments made … Continue reading

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A dialog between libertarian left and right: Some positive consensus…

Your humble abstract recently found itself engaged in a series of Twitter exchanges with an account that described itself as being a European ‘radical anti-capitalist anarchist’. There was evidence of a Green agenda also. The discourse initiated from a discussion … Continue reading

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