Twitter Gulag: Released ! And the curious case of @PortsmouthUKIP

Today, the abstracts Twitter account was released from ‘Twitter Gulag’ following a four day suspension:


Following this, and having dealt with the sundry details neglected during the incarceration, a very strange sequence of events took place.

i) @PortsmouthUKIP followed back : Always welcomed by the abstract : Free speech and debate is important.

ii) A short exchange of DM’s took place:


The nature of the DM’s, having built up a reasonable following of several hundred tweeps so far, is unique. They are also the only ones received from a UKIP advertised account, and reflect a slightly different approach by the location.

The @PortsmouthUKIP account appeared to become suspended after the second message was sent: A reply to the final DM, congratulating the recent election result, was not deliverable. The abstract, assuming it had been unfollowed, checked and found the dreaded screen for @PortsmouthUKIP:


This abstract was concerned by the timing: Coincidences do not usually happen and something here is not right.

The abstract can see no reason why @PortsmouthUKIP should have vanished, and looks forward to conversing with them when they are back on line.

This abstract is very aware that Portsmouth in general has some significant ‘issues’ ongoing at present.



@PortsmouthUKIP was back online by about 16:20:


Twitter informs users for reason for account suspension – they distinguish very clearly the Aggressive Following reason from Spam Reporting in the mail sent when suspension is lifted.

The ‘aggressive following’ is a relatively new feature which does limit accounts to following a maximum of between 150 to 250 accounts per day: The feature has caused headaches for both users and developers, and the exact logic is not well documented.

Good to see @PortsmouthUKIP back online.

This abstract recommends giving them a follow.


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